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Coleira LUCCA para cães da MiaCara


MiaCara apresenta um toque contemporâneo num clássico intemporal com a nova colecção Lucca de coleiras e trelas de corda modernas e leves.

Este estilo sempre popular e muito procurado foi criado em Itália nos anos 80. Agora recriado pela equipa de design da MiaCara, a colecção Lucca usa apenas os melhores materiais para garantir o máximo em estilo e durabilidade.

A coleira e trela Lucca são artesanais e feitas de algodão natural encerado e trançado (un-split/ não se separa), couro de grão integral e uma fivela em cobre polido- todos feitos em Itália.

A coleira e trela vem numa bolsa de cordão com uma medalha de identificação MiaCara.


Design: Equipe de Design MiaCara

Images copyright ©MiaCara 
Tabela de tamanhos

Cuidados e manutenção

Leather is a natural product with individual character and variations. The natural features are
an indication of the authenticity of the leather and have no inuence on its life or quality. Slight
deviations with regard to surface texture and colour are normal.

The metal hardware used for our dog collars and leads is solid surface coated. Mechanical
friction between the D-ring and snap hook over time may result in some signs of wear on the
surface. This is normal and does not constitute a reason for complaint.

To remove dirt and stains, use a soft damp cloth. Please avoid excessive rubbing.
In order to maintain the good condition of your MiaCara product as long as possible, please
pay attention to proper care. In particular dog collars are especially strained by everyday use.
Therefore, please consider the following care instructions:

Please grease the leather parts from time to time. For that we recommend Tapir leather fat
( Please take note of the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Depending on use,
you should repeat this at regular intervals. This way the leather will stay supple and durable.
The rope is made from 100% waxed cotton and can be hand washed.

Product Disclaimer
Not recommended for dogs that pull and for extremely strong dog breeds.

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