Barras Queijo Yak
Barras Queijo Yak

Barras Queijo Yak

Barras Queijo Yak

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Cheese Bone

Thanks for your interest in our products !

What is a Cheese bone ? 


The cheese bone is 100% natural and free of artificial preservative milk chew based on an ancient Himalayan recipe. The milk is transformed into a low lactose cheese which is hardened for at least 3 months to reach a high density. The cheese bones are so hard that dogs have to work it for a long time before being able to take flakes out of it.

It doesn’t really have an odor but dogs love the sent of it and dog owners love the fact that it doesn’t make a mess and it doesn’t stain. Another benefit it’s that it help reduce plaque and tartar build up so it really helps prevent dental disease in dogs.

When doing your trial test please keep in mind that the key is the rigth size for the rigth dog !

A chew should last for hours and even days but as it’s an expensive treat people tent to downsize the Cheese Bone at first to try it but that’s a mistake. Most Large dogs will chew it in a few days while Medium and Small dogs will take more time to chew it.

It also depend on your dogs chewing habit and there are exceptions with a few breeds which naturally have stronger bite strength (American Staff, Rotweiller, Golden retriever …) or working dogs who won’t quit (border colley,…) until it’s over.

Our customers are very satisfied with the quality and chewing time of the Cheese Bone as regular dental chew only last for a few of minutes.

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